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About the Gallery and an Artist in Residence:

Dr. B. Marie Brady-Whitcanack is the owner and is an acrylic artist who focuses on large public murals, landscapes and portraits. In addition, Dr. Brady is an adjunct professor teaching Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and Research Methods.


Her gallery offers exhibits of emerging artists and photographers in addition to established professional artists. Various art workshops are offered during the year in addition to cultural events.

Lori Illner Greene is an artist who primarily does work on paper, but also paints with acrylic on canvas and plexi. Her work combines pastel on vellum or pastel on pastel board. Some pieces can be quite large topping out at 42in x 58in.  She has an extensive series of conceptual abstract work, but is focusing primarily on figurative work today - wildlife studies, pet portraiture, and other custom work.

You can view more work by Lori Illner Greene by visiting her Greene Acres Art Studio website at:

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